We are glad to announce that Sri Lanka has opened airports for foreign tourists from 21st January 2021.
Weligama Bay Resort has been certified by KPMG and obtained Safe&Secure Tourism certificate of complients and operating as:

The hotel was certified as Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel until 25th November 2021 and changed its certification as Safe & Secure Other hotels from 25th November 2021.

The hotel may accommodate all tourists regardless their vaccination status with respect to newly published Health guidelines and protocols about travel restriction to Sri Lanka on 20th April 2022.

See the latest Health protocols published by Sri Lanka Tourism board on 21st April 2022:

* Fully Vaccinated Travellers
Children of 12-18 years, if depart two weeks after obtaining at least a single dose of Pfizer Vaccine, will be considered as Fully Vaccinated;
* Not vaccinated & Not fully Vaccinated Travellers
* Recovered Travellers

We highly recommend to all tourists to check all essential and up to date information on web srilanka.travel. There you may find documents such as Health Protocol for Arrivals, Approved Tourism Sites and Attractions, Information on Covid 19 Insurance, FAQ and Important Notices.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Our commitment to the safety of our guests and employees

The safety and health of our guests, employees, partners and fellow citizens remain our top priority. We continuously follow the latest news and recommendations by experts and local authorities.
The hotel obtained the CERTIFICATE of CONFORMITY COVID-19 SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.
We have taken additional measures developed with information from the local public health authorities in our hotel such as:
* We maintain higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene that includes the highest hand washing hygiene, public area and guest rooms cleaning procedures and laundry service procedures.  We are using special detergents to clean Guest rooms after check-out and before the next guest arrival;
* We replaced all our mattresses May 2020; new mattresses Spring Air – back supporter perfect balance series;
* We frequently sanitize the public areas of the hotel (including lobby, elevator, bathrooms) and have introduced antibacterial hand sanitizers in public areas as well;
* Tables in our restaurants will be in minimum distance of 1,5-2m one from each other and will be sanitized after each use;
* All our rooms and villas have individual A/C we do not have central A/C system;
* Bawana Spa treatments and surf lessons with hotel instructor available. Bawana Spa  treatments are available also for non-hotel residents but only if they provide hotel with vaccination certificate in advance.
* Hotel may organize trips to SLTDA approved Tourist Attractions .
* The hotel staff have been fully vaccinated and staff members are subject to regular testing.

HOW TO APPLY FOR ETA (Electronical Travel Authorization) visa 

Applies to International Tourists visiting Sri Lanka under tourist visa and optional for dual citizens, valid resident visa holders, Sri Lankan citizens who opt to come under the tourism route.
* All visas must be applied online through the Immigration ETA portal www.eta.gov.lk
* Newly issuance of on arrival ETA for tourists at the port of entry to Sri Lanka has been activated from 8 February 2022. This is to facilitate the tourists who experience difficulties when obtaining the online ETA due to the time constraints of arranging their journey to Sri Lanka, according to a recent government statement.


1. NO on-arrival PCR test required from tourists arriving to Sri Lanka (fully vaccinated previously exempted and not vaccinated & not fully vaccinated exempted newly from 20th April 2022)

2. The mandatory requirement of foreign passport holders to have a COVID-19 insurance, from Peoples Insurance PLC – Premier General Insurance Service Provider in Sri Lanka, has been lifted with an immediate effect from 17th June 2022. But all travellers are advised having their own COVID-19 insurance.


The hotel cooperates with Nawaloka Laboratory Galle and their medical staff comes for PCR testing within working hours from 8am till 6pm to the hotel.
If guest needs pre-departure PCR test, the hotel provides with service of PCR testing and may arrange it exclusively for guests that are accommodated in the hotel in the time of testing.
This service not available for outside guests also not available for former guests after their check-out.

AT THE AIRPORT produce the following:
a. Not vaccinated & not fully vaccinated travellers should mandatory carry PCR test report made within 72 hours or Rapid Antigen Test report (self-swabs are disallowed) within 48 hours prior to embarkation. (Children below 12 years are exempted).
b. Fully vaccinated travellers are exempted from pre-departure COVID-19 PCR/ Rapid Antigen tests from 1st March 2022.
c. Original vaccination certificate / card (together with a certified copy of English language translation if the certificate/card is not in English or if relevant data are not indicated in English in a non – English certificate / card) or a verifiable evidence of vaccination.


We always consider a comfort of our guests and aim to minimaze their risk while making a new reservation. We still would like to allow our guests to book their stay with lower rates than standard flexible rate. These lower rates are usually with non-refundable conditions. Considering the evolving COVID- 19 situation we have modified our cancellation policy.

Newly some of our Deals, with original non-refundable conditions, are possible to book as FLEXIBLE.
This is valid for following promotions:
Advance purchase with 15% discount / by 22nd Dec 2022
Stay More Pay Less with 23% discount / by 22nd Dec 2022
Half board specialby 31st Oct 2022


COVID-19 update

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