We are glad to announce that Sri Lanka has opened airports for foreign tourists from 21st January 2021.
Weligama Bay Resort has been certified by KPMG and obtained Safe&Secure Tourism certificate of complients and operating as:

* Safe&Secure Level 1 hotel from 21st January till 25th November 2021

Fully Vaccinated travelers can stay at any type of accommodation and recommended to stay in any Safe&Secure accommodation i.e. also in Level 1 hotels. We kindly ask such guests to follow bio bubble rules. If staying in Level 1 then their airport pick up must be arranged either with Level 1 hotel or Travel agent.
Not Vaccinated & Not fully Vaccinated and Recovered travelers can still have a great time under the protection of the Tourism Bio Bubble for a duration of up to 7 nights/8 days. The period was shorten with newly issued health measures dated 25th October 2021.
Tourists may stay longer than 8 days if they follow bio bubble rules.

* Safe&Secure Other hotel from 25th November 2021

As Other hotel we are eligible to accommodate only:
* Fully vaccinated tourists;
* Not fully vaccinated tourists after completion of 2 weeks from recommended doses of vaccination;
* Not vaccinated tourists after completion of 8 days stay in Level 1 hotels.

We highly recommend to all tourists to check all essential and up to date information on web
srilanka.travel. There you may find documents such as Health Protocol for Arrivals, Approved Tourism Sites and Attractions, Health and Declaration Form, Information on Covid 19 Insurance, FAQ and Important Notices.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Our commitment to the safety of our guests and employees

The safety and health of our guests, employees, partners and fellow citizens remain our top priority. We continuously follow the latest news and recommendations by experts and local authorities.
The hotel obtained the CERTIFICATE of CONFORMITY COVID-19 SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.
We have taken additional measures developed with information from the local public health authorities in our hotel such as:
* We maintain higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene that includes the highest hand washing hygiene, public area and guest rooms cleaning procedures and laundry service procedures.  We are using special detergents to clean Guest rooms after check-out and before the next guest arrival;
* We replaced all our mattresses May 2020; new mattresses Spring Air – back supporter perfect balance series;
* We frequently sanitize the public areas of the hotel (including lobby, elevator, bathrooms) and have introduced antibacterial hand sanitizers in public areas as well;
* Tables in our restaurants will be in minimum distance of 1,5-2m one from each other and will be sanitized after each use;
* All our rooms and villas have individual A/C we do not have central A/C system;
* Bawana Spa treatments and surf lessons with hotel instructor available with 1st after arrival PCR test negative result;
* Hotel may organize trips to SLTDA approved Tourist Attractions that are possible to visit with 1st after arrival PCR test negative result (at this moment it is not allowed to visit Tourism Sites&Attractions and will be updated in middle of June 2021).
* The hotel staff have been fully vaccinated and staff members are subject to regular testing.


Applies to International Tourists visiting Sri Lanka under tourist visa and optional for dual citizens, valid resident visa holders, Sri Lankan citizens who opt to come under the tourism route.
* All visas must be applied online through the Immigration ETA portal www.eta.gov.lk.
* Before applying for visa, ensure you have the following:
a) a pre-confirmed booking in Level 1 for those not vaccinated for up to 8 days depending on the length of stay.
Hotel booking/s could be made directly with the hotel or through ‘Safe & Secure’ certified travel Agent or OTA. Visitors allowed moving within L1 hotels and using all facilities of the hotel upon the negative on arrival PCR test.
With respect to Tourism board notice issued on 10th September 2021 only Double or Single rooms will be allowed for non-family members in operations during the bio-bubble. Rooms with higher occupancy will be considered only in case of families with children (bellow 12 y/o).

b) pay the mandatory COVID-19 local travel insurance (including children below 2 years) depending on the status of your vaccination

c) pay the PCR test/s depending on the status of your vaccination
Upon Insurance and/or PCR payment you will be issued a ‘Tourism Reference number’ which you need to include when applying for visa.
In the visa form under the section ‘Contact details’ and under ‘Address in Sri Lanka’ visitors are advised to include this Tourism Reference Number as Department of Immigrations and Emigrations will check for this information when granting visa approval for all visitors coming under the tourism route.
Travellers must share this unique Tourism Reference Number with the hotel as well as copy of passport and flight details as hotel must fill another online form for Tourism board to approve VISA status. Guests are kindly asked to provide hotel with VISA application number as soon as receive this from ETA as well as with the unique Tourism Reference Number, copy of passport and flight details. Hotel fills online form for Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority to ensure VISA process (applicable only for non vaccinated travellers).


1. All visitors other than fully vaccinated will pre-pay the mandatory PCR Tests (40 USD per PCR test) through online travel web portal visitsrilanka.gov.lk.
Optionally, travellers can make payments for PCR tests (if applicable) through the Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel or Safe & Secure Certified travel agent. 
a) “Fully Vaccinated” travellers: NO on-arrival PCR test required
b) “Not Vaccinated” should undergo Day One on Arrival PCR test. 2nd Exit test with respect to length of stay
c) children up to 12 years are exempted from PCR testing
d) children between 12-18 years:
* “Not Vaccinated” travelling with Fully Vaccinated parents are subject to Day One on Arrival PCR test
* “Not Vaccinated” travelling with Non Vaccinated parents are subject to Day One on Arrival PCR test as well as Exit test with respect to length of stay

2. All visitors pay mandatory local COVID-19 Insurance of 12 USD with one month cover of 50,000 USD. Pay through online travel web portal visitsrilanka.gov.lk
In accordance with the newly health protocol from 7th October and its update on 26th October 2021 , fully vaccinated travellers are EXEMPTED from obtaining the mandatory COVID-19 Local Insurance cover. However, travellers should ensure that they have a comprehensive travel insurance that will cover health and other expenses related to COVID-19 should there be a need as Government of Sri Lanka will not bear any costs resulting.


With respect to Quarantine Measures for Travellers issued on 25th October 2021:

Day One on Arrival PCR test would be carried out on-arrival at the hotel; prior to check-in.
(until the negative result is released, the guest will be requested to cooperate with minimum movements and stay in the room; meals provided in-room dining)
Exit PCR test would be carried out at the hotel on day 7 (applicable for not vaccinated guests and those with vaccination incomplete):
A) NOT VACCINATED travellers and those with NOT COMPLETED recomended doses from 12 years above
a. are subject to Day One on Arrival PCR test in the Level 1 hotel
b. are subject to Exit PCR test on day 7 with respect to length of stay and upon negative test results will leave the bubble with relevant discharge documents issued by hotel doctor
B) travellers arriving less than 2 weeks of completion of recommneded doses
a. those 12 years above are subject to Day One on Arrival PCR test in the Level 1 hotel
b. parents and unvaccinated children 12-18 are subject to Exit PCR test 14 days from the recommended doses of vaccination or 7 days after arrival (whichever comes first will apply) and upon negative test results will leave the bubble with relevant discharge documents issued by hotel doctor
C) NOT VACCINATED children of 12-18 travelling with fully vaccinated parents
a. need to undergo on-arrival PCR testing at the Ministry of Health approved laboratory at BIA or at any other MOH approved laboratory and inform the result to the area MOH. If the Day 1 PCR test report is negative, they will be allowed to travel with their parents.

The hotel cooperates with Nawaloka Laboratory and their medical staff comes for PCR testing within working hours from 8am till 6pm to the hotel.

AT THE AIRPORT produce the following:
a. Travellers of 2 years and above should mandatorily carry a Negative COVID-19 PCR test report done within 72 hours before embarkation. Report must be in English.
b. Completed Health Declaration Form
c. Original vaccination certificate / card (together with a certified copy of English language translation if the certificate/card is not in English or if relevant data are not indicated in English in a non – English certificate / card) or a verifiable evidence of vaccination.

Guests with vaccination uncomplete and not vaccinated guests minimum lenght of stay requested up to 8 days
* with required negative PCR results of 2nd Exit test for not vaccinated and those with vaccination uncomplete
* with Discharge document (arranged by hotel and signed by the hotel doctor)
* with final consent from the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (arranged by hotel that must provide SLTDA with Discharge document, guest passport copy, copy of return air ticket and confirmed bookings or residence details of the palces of stay in Sri lanka up to guest departure date).


We always consider a comfort of our guests and aim to minimaze their risk while making a new reservation. We still would like to allow our guests to book their stay with lower rates than standard flexible rate. These lower rates are usually with non-refundable conditions. Considering the evolving COVID- 19 situation we have modified our cancellation policy.

Newly some of our Deals, with original non-refundable conditions, are possible to book as FLEXIBLE.
This is valid for following promotions:
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Stay More Pay Less with 23% discount / by 22nd Dec 2021
Early Bird with 27% or 30% discount / by 31st Mar 2022
Half board specialby 31st Mar 2022 excl. Christmas period
* Campaign Stay 5 Pay 4 with B&Bby 20th Dec 2021
* Campaign Stay 7 Pay 6 for Half board special / by 20th Dec 2021


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